Move .PST File to Exchange Server in Live Environment

Unavailability of PST files might plague organizations with sufferings when they are in Exchange environment. In Outlook environ, where Outlook file is used to store data in emails, contacts, journals, to do list, tasks, meeting schedules etc, sometimes is needed to move Outlook PST to Exchange EDB which can be done with our external software: Exchange Import tool.

PROBLEM:Some day you need to move entire Outlook data into EDB file without affecting organizational environment but besides this conversion, you do not want any kind of interference in your organizational task as every second is important for your organization because work profile requires continuous online work in company. So now How to move PST files to Exchange?

SOLUTION:Our software can move PST from Outlook to Exchange file easily without affecting work tasks as software support live Exchange environment migration process. This plus point of our tool leads to high selling of theExchange Import software.

Software supports all Outlook and Exchange versions so it is safe and secure to move Outlook 2010 to Exchange 2010 swiftly. After the process to move .PST file to Exchange Server, users can access their entire Outlook data stored in numerous elements to EDB files. After moving, it is possible to access entire PST data into EDB without affecting data integrity.

Useful Utility to Move Outlook PST to Exchange Server

  • Software move PST file to Exchange into relevant mailbox without affecting data loss
  • This tool performs automatic import process from PST to EDB as it has advanced functionalities that speedily move PST from Outlook to EDB.
  • Tool provides ‘Search Network Machine’ for selecting and for moving Outlook .pst files into EDB file format
  • This is highly useful and powerful tool that move bulk Outlook files of .pst format to EDB Server without bringing up any unnecessary problems.
  • After software moves PST in EDB, there will be no issues like virus attacks, Trojan infection, or data inaccessibility.
  • Software also supports Outlook 2010-64 bit.

Get Demo Version for Moving PST File to Exchange

You can take a trial tour of Exchange Import tool, with which it is simply easy to move Outlook PST to Exchange. The Demo version allows the user to take the preview of the software and move 50 files of Outlook format to EDB.

Move PST from Outlook to Exchange with Full Version

To move outlook files into edb file format completely you need to get the full version, through which it is simply easy to move Outlook files without any hitch.

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